Ayurveda is simply known as ‘Science of life’. It is authenticated by ‘spiritual scientists’ (Maharshis) of Indian continent before thousands years ago. It is also known as science of Indian medicine.

Ayurveda has two primary goals as follows…
1) स्वस्थस्य स्वास्थ्य रक्षणं | (means, Maintaining health of healthy individual by Ayurvedic lifestyle (including daily regimen, seasonal regimen), Ayurvedic diet plan and with the use of natural herbal and home remedies.)

2) आतुरस्य विकार प्रशमनं | (means, Providing best suitable Ayurvedic treatments to ill people by Ayurvedic medicines, Ayurvedic diet, Ayurvedic  Panchkarma treatment (body purification & detoxification treatment) and Surgical treatments (i.e. Ksharsutra Therapy, Agnikarma Therapy, Siravedh Therapy etc.) where it is needed.

The main source of knowledge in Ayurvedic field is the most famous authentic Ayurvedic texts, Charak Samhita (Ayurvedic Textbook of Medicine), Sushrut Samhita (Ayurvedic Textbook of Surgery) and Ashtang Hridayam (Manual of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery). Ayurveda is practiced today on the basis of the above unique treaties.

Nowadays, people are constantly run behind their necessities and for achieve them they have to work for whole life under very much mental and physical stress. With this stressful lifestyle and unwholesome diet, they keep their selves in diseased conditions. Ayurvedic science has established universal laws to make people happy, healthy and free from tension & worries. Even Ayurveda has also discovered the ultimate goal of mankind. Ayurveda has also established the unique definition of ‘Complete Health’ which includes physical, mental and spiritual health of individual and it is accepted by World Health Organization as it is.

Here on this website, We have tried to project the complete picture of Ayurvedic lifestyle (which include Ayurvedic diet plan, daily routine, seasonal routine and Ayurvedic dietetics), Ayurvedic treatment methodology (includes Avoid causative factors, Metabolism enhancing therapy, Application of line of treatment and Reset of body constitution), Ayurvedic treatment modalities (Ayurvedic medical treatments done by various Ayurvedic remedies, Ayurvedic surgical treatments such as Ksharsutra therapy, Agnikarma therapy, Siravedh- Ayurvedic vein puncture therapy, Jaloka- Leech therapy etc. and Ayurvedic panchkarma treatments (also known as, body purification and detox therapy)) in brief for getting its maximum benefits in simple and effective way. We have also tried to discuss on various ailments with the vision of authentic Ayurveda through many health articles. We have also tried to discuss how to stop the ageing process and become healthy and young throughout life. Ayurveda has established the principles for Anti Ageing Therapy which is known as Ayurvedic Rasayan Therapy.

A famous quote in Ayurvedic texts shows the high values of Ayurveda in our lives.

आहाराचार चेष्टासु सुखार्थी प्रेत्य चेह च |
परं प्रयत्नमातिष्ठेत बुध्धिमान हितसेवनं || (Charak Samhita)

Means, A person who is desirous ot ‘fit and healthy life’ should adopt the healthy practices related to diet, conduct and activities mentioned in authentic Ayurvedic texts.

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Ayurveda offers a unique blend of science and philosophy that balances the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components necessary for holistic health. Ayurveda therefore is not simply a healthcare system but a form of lifestyle adopted to maintain perfect balance and harmony within the human existence.

Hope this information will help you a lot to understand ‘High Values of Ayurveda’ in your lives. Take Care.