[Latest guide ] Ayurvedic Agnikarma Therapy – A Technological Innovation

 Ayurvedic Agnikarma Therapy

Ayurvedic “Agnikarma” Therapy – technological innovation for the treatment of muscular, neurological and joints pain. It is proven and highly recommended ayurvedic treatment for sciatica and back pain as well.

How Does “Agnikarma Therapy” Works?

Ayurvedic Agnikarma Treatment

Ayurvedic Agnikarma Therapy

A technologically innovated “Agnikarma probe” is being used for the specific type of treatment, which is made by five types of metals in a specific proportion. The metals are Copper, Iron, Tin, Zinc & Silver. By this probe, heat is transferred at the marked painful site of the patient for a specific time and specific dose. By this means, pain substances (known as “P substance”), a type of neuropeptides which transfer the pain sensations from the affected skin, ligament, muscle, tendon and affected joints to the brain, are released in the central blood circulation. So the pain carrying agents (P substances) are removed from the affected site by this technique and thus patient feels free from the pain sensations within a couple of hours.

How Much Time and Sittings are Required for the “Agnikarma” Procedure?

It just takes hardly two to five minutes for a single sitting of “Agnikarma” procedure. Well, a total number of sittings depends on the specific disease, the intensity of disease and the time of origin of a disease.

Which are the Precautions are Being Taken During “Agnikarma” Treatment?

“Agnikarma” is completely safe and scientific Ayurvedic treatment approach, which is performed by a technologically innovated “Agnikarma Probe” after a lot of experiences and practices by late Prof. (Dr.) P.D. Gupta during these days.
Usually, we are advising do not touch water at the site of “Agnikarma” points for next 24 hours and apply the suggested ointment (“Shat that gritam Ointment”) on “Agnikarma” points twice a day for 7 days. We also request to take other medicines advised by your doctor parallel.

Which Type of Diseases is Being Treated by “Agnikarma” Procedure?

1) Back Ache (Lumbago)
2) The stiffness of Back (Lumber Spondylosis)
3) Sciatica (in which pain referred from back to both legs)
4) Arthritis (OA and RA)
5) Knee Joint Pain
6) The stiffness of Knee Joint (difficult to stand and sit due to knee joint pain)
7) Frozen Shoulder
8) Cervical Spondylosis
9) Pain at Heels During Walking (Plantar Fasciitis)
10) Pain at Behind Heels During Walking (Achilles Tendinitis)
11) Corns on Feet
12) Warts

Where to Go for Getting Agnikarma Therapy?

A world’s best and largest Ayurvedic hospital of India run just near the capital of Gujarat State (Gandhinagar). The name of the hospital is Government State Model Ayurved Hospital, Kolavada, Kolavada- Sonipur Road, Gandhinagar. The hospital is located about 7 km away from GH-6 Circle, Gandhinagar and about 3 km away from Tata Chokady, near Sector-26, Gandhinagar. The hospital has Surgical Department (Shalya Department) where one can get this unique Ayurvedic “Agnikarma” therapy without cost. The hospital run by State Government, so the treatment is provided by the hospital 100% free. Usually, the “Agnikarma” procedure is carried out on every Thursday and Friday by the Ayurvedic Surgeon at a hospital. Carry all the reports along with you at the hospital, if you have done previously to get better diagnosis and treatment follow-ups.

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