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Therapy for Gallstones


Ayurvedic Dissolution Therapy for Gallstones

Ayurvedic Dissolution Therapy for Gallstones

Gall Bladder Stone’ is termed as ‘Cholelithiasis’ or ‘Gallstone Disease’. Gall Bladder is a pear or globular shaped organ present in the abdominal cavity particularly in the right hypochondriac region and on the inferior surface of the liver. It is about 8-12 cm long in size. It consists of four parts, i.e. fundus, neck, infundibulum, and neck. Gall Bladder is connected to common bile duct (C.B.D.) through cystic duct. It is drained by the cystic artery and cystic vein.

Causes of gallstones:

  • Disturbance of metabolism
  • Infection
  • Bile stasis e.g. obesity, pregnancy
  • Hemolytic anemia
  • Saint’s triad (Gallstones with diverticulosis of a colon and hiatus hernia)
  • Parasitic infection
  • Due to abnormal mucus e.g. congenital cystic fibrosis


The risk factors for gallstones are-

  • Female
  • Forties (>40 years of age)
  • Fertile (Having multiple pregnancies)
  • Fatty body (Obese)
  • Fatty diet (Consuming high animal fat)
  • Flatulence

Types of gallstones:

  • Cholesterol stones:
    a) These are 10% common.
    b) Occurs in patients with increased cholesterol levels.
    c) Fatty women are commonly affected.
    d) It is single, solitary, occurs in aseptic bile. Sometimes they can be multiple.
    e) Such stones can be silent for many years. They are radiolucent (translucent).
  • Mixed stones:
    a) They constitute about 80% of gallstones.
    b) It contains cholesterol, calcium salts of phosphate carbonate, palmitate, proteins and are multiply faceted.
  • Pigment stones:
    a) They are found in around 5 to 10% of patients with gallstones.
    b) They are calcium bilirubinate stones.
    c)  Commonly occur in hemolysis. Hence they are black, multiple, small, irregular concretions or sludge particles.

Symptoms of gallstones:

  • In the gallbladder: a) Silent stones b) Flatulent dyspepsia c) Gallstone colic d) Acute cholecystitis e) Chronic cholecystitis f) Mucocele g) Carcinoma of the gallbladder
  • In the  bile duct: a) Obstructive jaundice b) Cholangitis c) White bile d) Acute pancreatitis
  • In  the intestine: a) Acute intestinal obstruction (gallstone ileus)

Investigations for gallstones:

  • Total WBC Count
  • LFT (Liver Function Test)
  • Plain X-ray abdomen
  • USG (Ultrasonography) for the abdomen

Treatment of gallstones:

Ayurvedic Dissolution Therapy for Gallstones:
Indications (Patient fit for Ayurvedic dissolution therapy):

  • Functioning gallbladder with cholesterol stone
  • The single stone which is less than 1.5 cm
  • Radiolucent (Translucent) stone
  • Old age
  • A patient who is not fit for surgery

Contra-indications (Patient who are not fit for Ayurvedic dissolution therapy):

  • Nonfunctioning gallbladder
  • Stone more than 1.5 cm in size
  • Radio-opaque stone
  • Multiple stones

Ayurvedic medicines which can dissolve or eradicate the gallstones with regular use are given below-

  • Kwath (Home-made decoctions): These are more famous and more preferable Ayurvedic medicines for gallstone disease.
    Guduchyadi Kwath; Faltrikadi Kwath; Bhunimbaadi Kwath; Abhayaadi Kwath; Triphala Kwath; Varunaadi Kwath; Pathyaadi Kwath; OPD CHEK Decoction etc.
    Method for preparing the Home-made decoction-
    Take around two tablespoonfuls of Herbal decoction and mix it well with around two cups of water (Around 150 ml water) in the evening hours. Keep the mixture for
    the whole night. The very next morning, boil this mixture on light to medium flame. Shake it well during boiling. Gradually the water will start to get evaporating. When around half cup of water remains in the mixture during boiling, take it down. Strain the liquid into a glass or ceramic container using a sieve or a cloth such as a jelly bag or muslin cloth. Drink the freshly prepared liquid decoction after 4-5 minutes.
  • Kadha (Ready-made decoctions in Syrup base):
    Bhunimbaadi Kadha; Faltrikaadi Kadha; Pathyaadi Kadha etc.
  • Churna (Ayurvedic herbal powders):
    Katuki Churna; Trivrut Churna; Triphala Churna; Haritaki Churna etc.

    • Vati(Tablets and Capsules):
      Pathyaadi ghanvati; Samsamani Vati; Livotrit tablet; Liver-Kidney Care Capsule; Immunity Capsule (Organic India Pharma); Believer Capsule (Pink health Pharma), Reliz Capsule (Siddham Ayurveda’s) etc.
  • Syrup:
    Livotrit Syrup, Hepnar Syrup, Liv-52 Syrup etc.

Surgical treatment for gallstones:
Surgery must be the last sort of treatment for gallstones. ‘Laparoscopic cholecystectomy’ is ideal or ‘Open cholecystectomy’ is done through right subcostal Kocher’s incision.