Ayurvedic Diet Plan:
In authentic Ayurvedic texts, our spiritual scientists of Ayurveda (Rhishis) suggest that some of the food articles which we can use in routine lifestyle for maintain good health. One should use this ‘Diet Plan’ in his routine life-style for maintain good health and equilibrium of body tissues.
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Dinacharya (Daily Routine/ Daily Regimen):
To maintain a complete health state (the Tri-doshas in a state of healthy equilibrium, digestion & metabolism (Agni) in proper order), one should regularly used such articles or follow such things which are conductive to maintain a good health and are capable of preventing the attacks of diseases. For this, Ayurveda prescribes for each individual a specific daily routine which is known as ‘Dinacharya’ (literary means; Dina(Day) & Charya(Routine))
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Seasonal Regimen/ Seasonal Routine/ Rhitu-Charya:
The strength and lustre of one who knows the suitable diet and regimen for every season and practises accordingly are enhanced.
The year is divided into six parts according to seasons.
The ‘northward movement of the sun’ (Uttarayana) and its act of dehydration brings about three seasons beginning from ‘late winter’ (Shishhir) to ‘summer’ (Grishma).
The ‘southward movement of the sun’ (Dakshinayana) and its act of hydration give rise to the other three seasons beginning with the ‘rainy season’ (Varsha) to ‘early winter’ (Hemanta).
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Ayurvedic Dietetics:
How to get best nutrition from your diet(Ayurvedic principles of having food articles):
Ayurvedic classics have given some basic principles for having food for its proper digestion and assimilation in the body, so it can give us its best nutritive values. These principles are known as ‘Aahara-vidhi-visheshayatana’ which literary means the factors which are responsible for the wholesome and unwholesome effect of the food or of the method of diet intake. These are some special factors in the science of diet and dietetics which give rise to favourable and unfavourable effects to the food for its proper metabolism in the body.
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