Ayurvedic Medicines For Weight Gain – Treatment for weight gain

Ayurvedic Treatment for weight gain:


Definition of over emaciation or person having weight loss:
शुष्क स्फिकुदरग्रीवो धमनीजातसंतत: | त्वगस्थिशेषो अतिकृश: स्थूलपर्वा नरो मत: || 

Treatment of person having Weight Loss

Treatment of person having Weight Loss

According to ‘Charaka’ (School of Ayurveda Medicine), the person who is said to be over emaciated is lean on buttocks, belly, and neck, who is covered with a network of prominent vessels, who is reduced to skin and bones and who has prominent joints.
Randomly, the ideal weight for a female is equal to her height (feet*inches). For example, if a lady has 5 feet 6 inches (5’6’’) height than her ideal weight should be 56 kg. If a lady has 6 feet (6’) in height than her ideal weight should be 60 kg.
On the other hand, the ideal weight for a male is equal to his height (feet*inches) + 10. For example, if a gentleman has 5 feet 6 inches (5’6’’) height than his ideal weight should be 56 + 10= 66 kg. If a gentleman has 6 feet (6’) in height than his ideal weight should be 60 + 10= 70 kg.

Clinically doctors follow the BMI to decide the ideal weight of a person.
BMI (Body Mass Index):
BMI = weight/height (Meter *Meter)

Ideal BMI is within 18.5 to 25. If BMI comes less than 15 than it is definitely over emaciation

Causes of Weight Loss: 

  • Over-exercise
  • Over sexual intercourse
  • Fasting for a long time
  • Worries
  • Taking dry, scanty and limited meals
  • Exposure to wind and sun
  • Fear
  • Grief
  • Dry beverages
  • Excessive  walking
  • Sleeping at late nights
  • Excessive discharge of mucus, blood, semen, and excretion
  • Old age
  • ‘Aadan Kala’ (Northward movement of sun/ Jan. to June)
  • Possessions by spirits

Ayurvedic treatment principles for a person having Weight Loss:

  • The person who is very corpulent to be treated with constant nourishing remedies. (Ref: Charak Samhita – Sutra sthana – Chapter  21/Verse 16)
  • कृशानां बृहणार्थम् च लघु संतर्पणम् च यत् || (Ref: Ch. Su. 21/20)
    Easily digestible and nourishing food should be given daily.
  • Follow the Lifestyle for people having weight loss given below.
    (Ref: Ch. Su. 21/20)
  1. Proper sleep
  2. Cheerfulness
  3. Soft and pleasant beds
  4. Peace and tranquillity of mind
  5. Not to engage in physical exercise, sexual intercourse and do not take the stress
  6. Pleasant sightseeing
  7. Fresh foods
  8. Fresh wines
  9. Meat soup of animals and birds dwelling in wetlands and aquatic regions)
  10. Well prepared meat
  11. Curd
  12. Ghee (Clarified butter)
  13. Milk and dairy products
  14. Various kinds of sugarcane
  15. Basmati rice
  16. Black gram
  17. Wheat
  18. Jaggery products
  19. Nutrient medicated enemas prepared from sweet and unctuous herb and substance
  20. Regular Ayurvedic oil massage
  21. Bathing
  22. Use of sandal paste and flower garlands
  23. Wearing of white clothing
  24. Seasonal purification of a body through Ayurvedic Panchkarma procedures
  • Ayurvedic treatment for long-standing cases of weight loss:  The person that has long been weak must be administered the treatment unhurriedly, with due consideration to the state of the body, the digestive fire, the morbidity of humor,  the drug, the proper dosage and time. For such person meat juice, the various kinds of milk and ghee products, the different kinds of bath and medicated enemas and demulcent beverages are beneficial.
  • Natural remedies for weight loss: Demulcent beverages given below are highly recommended for people having weight loss.
  1. Demulcent drink prepared from-
    Roasted wheat flour – 1 teaspoonful,
    Roasted gram flour – 1 teaspoonful,
    Sugar- 1 teaspoonful,
    Powder of long pepper- 1 teaspoonful,
    Til tail (Sesame oil) – 1 teaspoonful,
    Cow ghee (Clarified butter) – 1 teaspoonful,
    Water- 1 Glass (around 250 ml-300 ml)
    Mix well the above contents and make a demulcent drink.
  2. Demulcent drink prepared from-
    Roasted wheat flour – 1/2 part,
    Roasted gram flour – 1/2 part,
    Sugar- 1 part,
    Wine- 1 part,
    Honey – 1 part,
    Water- Sufficient quantity
    Mix well the above contents and make a demulcent drink.
  3. A demulcent drink prepared from dates, grapes, kokum butter and fruits of tamarind, pomegranates, sweet flesh and gooseberry fruits juice and sufficient quantity of water.
  4. Demulcent drink prepared from sweet or sour articles and water, whether with or without unctuous substances.
  • Ayurvedic medicines for weight loss:

    Internal Medicine:

    Grita (Medicated clarified butter) – Chhagaladi grita, Amrutprash grita, Dadimadi grita
    Granules – Count plus granules, Shatavarex granules, Ashwagandha granules, Kauncha pak
    Medicated wines – Drakshasav (Sandu Pharma), Ashwagandharishta, Drakshowin (Dhootpapeshwar Pharma)
    Ashwagandha Kshirpaka– Take two teaspoonfuls of ‘Ashwagandha’ (Root of Withinia somnifera) Powder and add sufficient quantity of sugar, mix it well with a cup of milk and a cup of water, than boil this mixture up to water is evaporated. This remaining milk is known as ‘Ashwagandha Kshirpaka’. This is best remedy for person having weight loss.
    External Application:
    Ayurvedic Oil Massage – Ayurvedic oil massage should be carried out daily by Ayurvedic herbal oils like Mahanarayana taila (Mahanarayana oil of Nagarjuna kerala pharma), Kshirbala taila (Kshirbala oil), Balaashwagandhadi  taila (Balaashwagandhadi oil)
    Panchkarma Chikitsa (Panchkarma treatment) – Seasonal purification of body done through ‘Haritakyadi Churna Yoga’ given  in the ‘Rasayana Chikitsa’ chapter of ‘Charaka Samhita’ (A textbook of Ayurvedic medicine).
    Matra Basti (Medicated oil enema) – 60 ml medicated oil enema of Kshirbala taila (Kshirbala oil) should be introduced daily.