Ayurvedic Treatment for Constipation

Constipation is most often defined as having a bowel movement less than 3 times per week. It usually is associated with hard stools or difficulty passing stools. You may have pain while passing stools or may be unable to have a bowel movement after straining or pushing for more than 10 minutes.Infants who are exclusively breastfed may go 7 days without a bowel movement.

Normal patterns of bowel elimination vary widely from person to person and you may not have a bowel movement every day. While some healthy people have consistently soft or near-runny stools, others have consistently firm stools, but no difficulty passing them.When the stool is infrequent, or requires significant effort to pass, you have constipation. The passage of large, wide, or hard stools may tear the mucosal membrane (internal skin) of the anus, especially in children. This can cause bleeding and the possibility of an anal fissure.

Common Causes
Constipation is most often caused by:
• Poor nutrition • Poor digestion• Low fibre diet• Lack of physical activity• Not drinking enough water• Delay in going to the bathroom when you have urge to passing stool.• Disruption of natural biological rhythms• Excessive physical and mental stress

Other causes of constipation may include:
• Diseases of the bowel, such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), colon cancer etc.• Pregnancy• Mental health disorders • Neurological disorders • Use of certain medicationsConstipation in children often occurs if they hold back bowel movements when they aren’t ready for toilet training or are afraid of it.

Our Recommendation
Always, Prevention is better than cure. According to Ayurveda, one should follow the Ayurvedic life style (Diet plan, Daily regime and Seasonal regime) to become free from any disease
Avoiding constipation altogether is easier than treating it, but involves the same lifestyle measures:
• Eat lots of fiber food.• Drink plenty of fluids each day• Do exercise regularly.• Go to the bathroom when you have the urge of passing stool, don’t wait.
Ayurvedic Treatment for Constipation:
If you are Vata dominance: Take Tablet/ Powder Arand-brishta Haritaki, 2-3 tab/ 3-6gm powder, at bed time/ empty stomach with luke warm water.
If you are Pitta dominance: Take Tablet/ Powder Triphala, 2-3 tab/ 3-6gm powder, at bed time/ empty stomach with luke warm water.
If you are Kafa dominance: Take Tablet/ Powder Haritaki, 3-6gm at bed time/ empty stomach with luke warm water.

Consult your doctor if
Consult your doctor immediately if you have sudden constipation with abdominal cramps and an inability to pass gas or stool. Do not take any laxatives.
Also you have,
• Sharp or severe abdominal pain, especially if you also have bloating• Blood in your stool• Constipation alternating with diarrhoea• Thin, pencil-like stools• Rectal pain• Unexplained weight loss • Been using laxatives for several weeks or self care is not working

Call your child’s paediatrician immediately if:
• An infant (except those exclusively breastfed) goes 3 days without a stool and is vomiting or irritable• An infant younger than 2 months is constipated• Non-breastfeeding infants go 3 days without having a bowel movement (call immediately if there is vomiting or irritability)• A child is holding back bowel movements in order to resist toilet training