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Anti Ageing Therapy:

Ayurvedic Anti Ageing Therapy

Ayurvedic Anti Ageing Therapy

Humans, the super most of all species is always remaining in the search of one prime goal: The perfect health. From the Vedic era to space age, all the researches have been directed by the scholars to archive the same. ‘Rhishis’ (Spiritual scientists) and their counter parts in this era, are continuously trying their best to keep the men young and energetic. The present condition of human health around the globe is far from satisfaction. Man is suffering from the diseases which are caused due to stress either physical or mental. Prolonged maladjustment with the society and environment enhances the ageing process. As a result of which ‘Akalaj jara’ (premature ageing) occurs. This affects the social and professional capacity of the person. No doubt modern medicine has practically showed the problem of infection, yet the mystery of ageing has not been completely solved.
In Ayurveda, ageing is described of two types:

  • ‘kalaja jara’ (timely ageing) and
  • ‘Akalaj jara’ (premature ageing).

The ‘kalaja jara’ (timely ageing) is ‘Yapya’ (difficult to make reversible OR can be stopped by using the appropriate measures), where as the ‘Akalaj jara’ (premature ageing) is somewhat reversible by ‘Ayurvedic Rasayana Therapy’ (Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Therapy). A variety of ‘Rasayana’ drugs and methods have been described in the authentic Ayurvedic texts. Some of them are popular also, and these are easily available, effective and easy to use.
आहाराचार चेष्टासु सुखार्थी प्रेत्य चेह च |
परं प्रयत्नमातिष्ठेत् बुध्धिमान् हितसेवन् || (‘Charak Samhita’)
Means, A person who is desirous of ‘fit and healthy life’ should adopt the healthy practices related to diet, conduct and activities mentioned in authentic Ayurvedic texts.

Tips for look younger, beautiful and energetic:

  • One should wake up early in the morning. As we all know that our biological clock attuned to the rising and setting of the sun, it is obviously better to awake before a ‘Muhurta’(before 45 minutes around -exactly 48 minutes is considered as one ‘Muhurta’ ) to  the sunrise in perfect synchronisation to the natural clock, as per Ayurveda. Take deep breath for around 5-10 minutes to get maximum oxygen available in the atmosphere during that time for nourishing our body cells. Ayurveda believes that, before a Muhurta to the sunrise time known as ‘Brahma-muhurta’ and one should awaken during that time, to maintain good health. Such a routine prevents old age naturally.
    Early to bed and early to rise, That is the way to be healthy & wise.
  • Practice of yoga and regular exercise is the best among strength promoters. Regular exercise increases the body’s stamina and resistance to diseases by facilitating the immune system, clearing all channels, promoting blood circulation up to the body cells & remove body waste from the cells and destroying excess fat from the body tissues. One should go for exercise depending of his/her age and body type. The obese person can go for heavy exercise but for lean & thin person, morning walk and aerobics would be the better options. Morning walk, swimming and yoga exercises are good for maintaining body in shape.
  • Regular Ayurvedic oil massage (by Mahanarayan Oil, Kshirbala Oil, Kottamchukkadi Oil, Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil etc.) leads to strong body physique. One who practises Ayurvedic oil massage regularly, oil massage makes the skin supple; it controls Vata Dosh(body humor) by the opposite properties; it enhances peripheral blood circulation and encourages quicker removal of metabolic waste; relaxing the body. He/she become resistant to exhaustions and exertions; the body, even if subjected to injuries or heavy and stressful work is not much injured. One’s physique becomes smooth, flabby, strong and charming. By applying the oil massage regularly the onslaught of aging is slackened. Follow the normal direction of hair growth; use a little extra oil over the body’s vital parts. Do massage whole over the body, but in case of short of time, at least do massage of Ayurvedic oils on scalp/head, ears & soles of both feet daily.
  • Panchakarma Treatment (Ayurvedic Detoxification Therapy) enhances the metabolic process through food and Ayurvedic herbal medicines. It is used in deep rooted ailments as well as seasonal imbalance of Vata, Pitta and Kapha Doshas. As the wastes are eliminated from the body the person looks healthy and younger. In order to stay healthy and fit one should carry out Panchakarma methods as a way of cleansing and servicing the body. The greatest benefit of this system is preventing possible serious illness due to ‘Srothas Avarodha’ (obstruction of channels or ducts). Panchakarma have a rejuvenating effect when it applies to a healthy person.
  • One who administered ‘Ayurvedic Nasya therapy’ (Application of Ayurvedic herbs into the nostrils, in the form of medicated oil) in time according to the prescribed method, his eyes, nose and ears are not affected by any morbidity and he/she is not affected by wrinkles on his face  and even he/she looks younger up to hundred years. One can daily administered appropriate Ayurvedic oil (e.g. Shadbindoo taila/ Shadbindoo oil, Anu taila/ Anu oil) in to the nostrils, 2 drops in each nostril (known as ‘Pratimarsh Nasya’) with the help of dropper, at least 2-3 times in a day. This Pratimarsh Nasya can be used on daily base. With regularly use of nasya (nasal therapy), hair and beard never become white or grey; one never experiences of hair fall, rather than that hairs grow luxuriously and become thick and smooth from the base. One’s face becomes cheerful and plumpy and voice become clear and there is considerable strength in them. Diseases relating to head and neck do not attack him/her all of a sudden. Even though, he might be growing old, old age does not affect his/her head and face (in the form of loosen skin, grey hair, weakness of senses etc.)
  • A person having Ayurvedic ‘Rasayana therapy’ (Ayurvedic Rejuvenation therapy/ Anti aging therapy) attains, longevity, memory, intelligence, become free from diseases, youth, excellence of lustre, complexion, voice, vak-sidhdhi (what he syas becomes true) and excellent potentiality of the body and the sense organs. One should use such ‘Rasayana body tonics’ in routine lifestyle. e.g. Chyavanprash, Agatsya haritaki avleha, Bhahma rasaya, Medhya rasayana,Triphala, Amalaki, Haritaki, Yashtimadhu, Gudhuchi, Shankhpushpi, Naagbalaa etc. Everyone can take these ‘Rasayana body tonics’ including kids and pregnant women.
  • ‘Ahara’ (Healthy food), ‘Nidra’ (Sound sleep) and ‘Brahmacharya’ (One who is having control over his senses and full of spiritual bliss) are the three pillars of healthy life. By the perfect balance of above these, body will be endowed with strength, complexion and growth and live longer.
  • Consumption of proper amount of food certainly helps the individual in bringing strength, complexion, happiness and longevity.
  • Strength, health, longevity and breath are dependent on the proper digestion, metabolism and assimilation of food, so people have to try constantly for improving his digestive power by any means.
  • Regular consumption of food having all tastes promotes strength and longevity.
  • Regular use of Cow Milk and Ghee (Clarified butter) boost up immunity in kids and children.
  • Food having Sweet and sour in taste enhances strength.
  • For non-vegetarian people Meat of animals reside in dry region is strength promoter.
  • Consumption of collected rain water in a clean vessel mitigates Tri-doshas(Vata, Pitta and Kapha), promotes strength, having rejuvenation effect  and best for intelligence.
  • Consumption of ‘Aamalaki’/Gooseberry fruit (Embelica officinalis) has body rejuvenation power.
  • Person who is consuming wholesome diet regularly, who is not suppressing natural urges, who is always says truth, who is having control over his senses and full of spiritual bliss, who is devoted to ‘Aapta-purush’(Spiritual scientist), who is having helping nature and give forgiveness to all , will never get any disease.
  • Person who is possessing excellent intellect, whose acts and speech are leading to ultimate bliss, who is having independent thinking, who has clarity of understanding, who is full of knowledge, who is practicing yoga and spiritual activities does not fall victim of diseases.
  • Person should not indulge in activities which are beyond his own capacity.
  • One should not use Contradictory food articles. e.g. milk should not consume with green vegetables, onion, fruits having sour in taste and with salty food articles because these above combinations are contradictory due to their properties. If these are eating together, it will produce autotoxins in the body.
  • Children, pregnant women, youngsters and even old people have to follow the ‘Ayurvedic lifestyle’ (including diet plan, daily routine, seasonal regimen and principles for having best nutrition from your diet) given on the home page of this website for enhancing their resistance power and longevity thoroughly.
  • Desert land is healthy land.
  • Non violence is the best among the promoters of longevity of living beings.
  • ‘Virya’ (Semen) is the best among promoters of strength.
  • Self control is the best for the promotion of delightfulness.
  • Self realisation is the best among promoters of happiness.
  • Celibacy is the best among those leading to salvation.