Aushadh Chikitsa (Medical Management):

medical management

medical management

‘’Aushadh’’ means ‘medicine’ (made from Ayurvedic plants/herbs) and ‘’Chikitsa’’ means ‘treatment’. It means treatment with use of Ayurvedic Medicines and Principles of Ayurveda known as ‘’Aushadh Chikitsa’’.

The Aushadh Chikitsa(Medical Management of a disease) is further divided in two types as below.


1) Sanshaman Chikitsa (Conservative line of management):

If a person is having very few symptoms of a disease, the intensity of the symptoms are not much powerful and even strength of the person is less; doctor has to select Conservative Line of Management(Sanshaman Chikitsa) for that person/patient.

There are two types of treatments indicated in Sanshaman Chikitsa(conservative treatment) given below.

  • Langhan: लङ्गनं लघु भोजनम्।
    Langhan’ means ‘fasting’ or ‘having light diet’.
    In which, person can use Luke warm water, light exercise, light diet or can have fast until the premonitory symptoms of a disease or less symptoms of a disease subsided.
  • Langhan Pachan:
    Langhan with having Pachan(Digestive medicines  which improve metabolism of body tissues) known as ‘Langhan Pachan’.
    In which, who have mild to moderate intensity of a disease, for those people, only Langhan line of management is not sufficient to cure the disease. The physician should indicate ‘Langhan Pachan Therapy’ for those people. The patient should be asked to take ‘Pachan Aushadhi’ (Digestive medicines which improve metabolism and is suitable for the disease) with Langhan line of management as well.
    For example, in case of a loose motion/diarrhoea, patient has nothing to take orally except water boiled with dry ginger powder by every half an hour until he feels hungry. By simply this means, he will not have any loose motion after 4-6 hours. After 24-36 hours, gradually he should start having light diet like moong beans, moong dal, semisolid rice, fresh buttermilk, puffed rice, tea etc.

2) Samshodhan Chikitsa/ Dosh Avasechan (Elimination therapy)/ Panchkarama Chikitsa:
‘Samshodhan’ OR’ Avasechan’ means ‘to eliminate’.
Elimination of Aam(autotoxins  & free radicals) & vitiated Dosh(body humor) through Panchkarma(the fivefold therapy).
If a person is having almost all the symptoms of a disease, the intensity of the symptoms is much powerful and even strength of the patient is good; doctor has to select ‘Samshodhan chikitsa for that person/patient.
The Panchkarma treatment (the fivefold therapy) is considered as Shodhana chikitsa, the eradication of the basic cause of disease. Thus ‘Shodhana chikitsa’ or eradication, along with ‘Shamana chikitsa’, the mitigation of the disease and its symptoms, are the two concepts of disease management in Ayurveda.
Panchakarma have a rejuvenating effect when it is subject to a healthy person.

Indication for Samshodhan Chikitsa (Elimination therapy):

  • Having repeated problem of Indigestion
  • Anorexia
  • Obesity
  • Anaemia
  • Feeing of heaviness in body
  • Exhaustion
  • Eruption of pimples and Urticaria
  • Pruritus
  • No inclination for work
  • Laziness
  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Foul smell of the body even after having bath
  • Foul smell coming from mouth even after having toothbrush/mouthwash
  • Lassitude
  • Vitiataion of Pitta Dosh
  • Vitiation of Shleshma Dosh
  • Excessive Cough
  • Sleeplessness
  • Excessive Sleep
  • Drowsiness
  • Impotency
  • Impediment to intelligence
  • Inauspicious dreams
  • Loss of strength inspite of intake of nourishing diet
  • Loss of complexion inspite of intake of nourishing diet

In the event of such sign and symptoms, the patient/person should be administered by Samshodhan Chikitsa with due regard to the vitiated Doshas and the strength of the patient.

Advantages of Samshodhan Chikitsa(Elimiation therapy):
By the administration of this therapy,

  • The vitiated Doshas are eliminated from the body through the digestive tract
  • The power of digestion and metabolism is enhanced
  • Complete health is restored
  • The mind, senses, intelligence and complexion become enlightened.
  • Gains strength, plumpness, offspring and vitality
  • Person is not affected by old age( acts as anti ageing therapy)
  • Lives longer without any disease

As per the Charaka (School of Medicine), the vitiated doshas may alleviate by Langhan(Fasting) and Pachan Aushadhis(Digestive medicines) at some extent but those eliminated by Samshodhan Chikista(Elimination therapy/Panchkarma therapy) do not recur. Therefore, one should undergone proper elimination therapy in time.