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Ayurvedic treatment for Indigestion

Ayurvedic management for Ajeerna (Indigestion): Definition: न जीर्यति सुखेनान्नम् विकारान् कुरुते अपि च। तदजीर्णंमिति प्राहुस्तन्मूला विविधा रुजः।। This is a disorder in which food is not properly digested due to low digestive
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Ayurvedic treatment for Acidity

Ayurvedic treatment for Amlapitta (Hyper acidity): Synonyms: Amlapitta (Ayurvedic terminoloty), Heartburn, Hyperacidity Introduction: ‘Pachaka pitta’(Digestive enzymes) are secreted in the stomach for digestion of food. In the disease Amlapitta (Hyperacidity), the liquid
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