3) Application of ‘Chikitsa sutra’ (Line of Treatment):
Once patient is having Correct state of metabolism by using the previous step, the physician starts application of ‘line of treatment’ (Chikitsa-sutra) by using the Ayurvedic medicines which are having completely opposite properties of the disease.

For example: In case of a fever, the line of management is,

ज्वरादौ लङ्घनं कुर्यात, ज्वरमध्ये तु पाचनं, ज्वरान्ते औषधं दध्यात, ज्वर मुक्ते तु रेचनं।

Means, one who may suffer from attack of any type of fever, has to follow the principle management step by step. According to the line of treatment, the patient having fever should keep his self on ‘fasting’ (langhan) up to first 48-72 hours, from the time of occurrence of fever. After 2-3 days, when patient feels hunger, gradually he should start the ‘Pachan Aushadhis’ (medicines which enhance digestion and metabolism) during 4-5 days. After 5 days usually the fever starts to fall down. So at the end, the patient has to take Ayurvedic medicines which destroyed the fever from its root. When the patient regain his health and feels free from fever, he should have ‘Ayurvedic purgative medicines’ (virechana aushadhis) suitable to his body constitution to flow away the accumulation of excessive ‘Pitta’ from his body.

One who suffered from fever and follows the above line of treatment, will not have recurrence of fever again and he can retain his health for long time.