4) Prakriti sthapana (Reset of Body Constitution):
‘Prakriti’ means ‘constitution’ and ‘Sthapana’ means ‘to settle down’. So, ‘Prakriti sthapana’ literary means to Reset of Body Constitution.

When the patient becomes free from the disease by applying the correct line of treatment and regain his health, he should settle down his normal body constitution again and retain his health for long time through Ayurveda.

For this, one should have the Ayurvedic medicines to improve his immunity. For improving the immunity, one can use ‘Rasayana’ (Rejuvination/ Anti ageing) treatment or ‘Vajikarana’ (Aphrodisiac) treatment. There are hundreds of Ayurvedic preparations available in the form of tablets, powders, pastes, avalehas etc. which can be taken for ‘Rasayana’ or ‘Vajikarana’ therapies.

Effect of ‘Rasayana’ (Rejuvination/ Anti ageing) treatment:
A person having ‘Rasayana’ treatment attains,

  • Longevity,
  • Memory,
  • Intelligence,
  • Freedom from diseases,
  • Youth,
  • Excellence of lustre,
  • Complexion,
  • Voice,
  • ‘Vak-sidhdhi’ (what he says becomes true),
  • Excellent Potentiality of the Body and the Sense Organs,
  • Respect and Brilliance.

The means by which one gets the excellence of ‘Rasa’ (the nourishing fluid which is produced immediately after digestion etc.) is known as ‘Rasayana’ or rejuvenation therapy.

Effect of ‘Vajikarana’ (Aphrodisiac) treatment:
A person having ‘Vajikarana’ treatment attains,

  • Potentiality for getting offspring for the maintenance of the continuity of the lineage,
  • Instantaneous sexual excitation, to a degree that one is capable of indulging in sexual acts with women uninterrupted like a strong horse,
  • Is exceedingly loved by women,
  • Nourished the tissue elements, by which even in old age one does not get seminal debility,
  • Brings longevity, beauty, strength and nourishment- is known as ‘Vajikarana’ (Aphrodisiac) treatment.