2) Application of Upakrama (Metabolism enhancing therapy):
According to Ayurveda, one who knows the six ‘Upakramas’ (metabolism enhancing therapy) is the real physician.
These are given below.

  • Langhan (to reduce)
  • Brihana (to nourish)
  • Snehana (to oleate)
  • Rukshana (to dry)
  • Swedana (to fomentate)
  • Stambhana (the astringent therapy)

If the disease becomes more powerful even after having all the suitable diet and following the correct regime, then the patient has to go to the doctor without wasting time.

Before going to the line of management of a particular disease, the physician should first diagnose the disease by inquire about certain other things to know the strength (power) of the disease and even the patient himself. i.e. Prakriti (Constitution), Age, Colour, Height, Weight, Diet, Natural urges, Digestion, Suitable & Unsuitable, Leading questions about the symptoms, The time in which symptoms become more powerful. On the base of the other particulars, the physician has to decide about patient’s metabolism.

If the condition of metabolism is correct, then the physician has to directly apply the ‘line of treatment’ (Chikitsa-sutra), but in case of the metabolism is disturbed, the physician has to apply one of 6 Upakramas (metabolism enhancing therapy) to correct the patient’s metabolism first.

By this means,

  • Patient feels energetic,
  • Urge of hunger and thrust become normal
  • Urge of defecation and urination (passing stool & urine) become correct
  • Even he feels lightness in his stomach.

Bunch of the above symptoms are known as the Correct state of metabolism’ (‘Sapeksha Agni Sthiti’).
Once patient gets the ‘Correct state of metabolism’, then and then the physician should apply the ‘line of management’ of the particular disease.

Usually people go for the Ayurvedic remedies without having authentic Ayurvedic physician’s consultation/ opinion. Thus they are rarely getting benefit from Ayurvedic remedies. The simple reason behind this, they do not know the correct way of management through Ayurveda, so they are not getting the ‘Correct state of metabolism’ prior to having any Ayurvedic remedies. On this way, the channels of circulation are not being cleared, so at the end, the Ayurvedic medicines which they are having converted into ‘Aama’ (waste, toxins and free radicals). So our sincere request to the people, please consult to an authentic Ayurvedic physician, prior to have any type of Ayurvedic treatment.