Treatment for Worms Infestation

Worms(krimi) or parasites are classified into 4 groups:
1.Purisaja krimi(which are born in feces)
2.slesmaja krimi(which are born in phlegm)
3.sonitaja krimi(which are born in blood)
4.malaja krimi(which are born in external excreta)

Common symptoms:
Fever, rashes on the skin ,pain ,heart disease, giddiness, anorexia, diarrhoea etc..

(1) Malaja krimi(which are born in external excreta):
Specific characteristics are as below:
Specific causes: Lack of cleanliness of the body
Habitat: Hair on the head,face & other parts of the body
Form: Minute,multipede and having the shape of that of a grain of Tila (sesame seed)
Colour: White and black
Effects: Itching, production of urticaria & pimples
Treatment: Removal of these parasites, keeping the body clean(take bathing everyday), avoid such regimens which produce the excreta

(2) Shonitaja krimi(parasites of blood):
Cause: Non compiance of the prescribed rules with regard to the order of  resorting to hot & cold regimens and intake   of   nourishing and depleting diets, Continous intake of honey ,fish , pendium in large quantiy while suffering from indigestion. Intake of fish with milk, Intake of food mostly contaning hayanaka, yavara, udalaka(different spices of basmati rice) along with milk, curd or butter, entering into cold water immediately after one is afflicted with fear, exhaustion or grief, Suppression of urge for vommiting.
Habbitat: rakta dhatu(blood & blood vessels).
Form: minute,round & having no pedicle because of minuteness some of them are not vissible(to the naked eye)
Colour: coppery
Names: kesada,lomada,lomadvipa,saurasa,audumbara,jantumator
Effects: destruction of the hair from the head,face,other parts of the body e.g. eye lashes,cheek and nails. When a wound is infested with this parasites then hyperthesia,itching, pain & creeping sensation in the ulcerated area are caused. When excessively grown they eat away skin,vessels,ligaments,muscles tissue & cartilage
Treatment: Treat as per line of treament of skin diseases as well as see below the common treatment.

(3) Kafaj/shleshmaj krimi(worms which are born in phlegm):

Cause: intake of milk ,sugar – candy ,til, fish, meat of animals inhabiting marshy land, parasites ,milk preparations and oil of kusumbh(sun flower oil).
Habitat: stomach , when excessively grown they move upwards or to both the sides.
Form: some are big & flat, in shape and white in colour,
Colour: Some are round in shape like earth worm & white in colour with a coppery tisnge, some are minute  long in shape like a thread and white in colour.
Name: Antrada,Udarada,Dharbhpushpa,saugandhika,mahaguda
Effects: Nausea,  fainting, salivation, anorexia,indigestion, fever,fainting, sneezing, constipation, yawning, malaise, vomiting, emaciation, dryness of the body.
Treatment: See below the common treatment.

(4) Purishaj krimi(parasites of feces):
Cause: Intake of milk ,sugar – candy ,til, fish, meat of animals inhabiting marshy land, parasites ,milk preparations and oil of kusumbh(sun flower oil).
Habitat: Pakvasaya or colon , when excessively grown they move downwards, when they move towards stomach, then the eructation & breath of the patient produce fecal odour
Form: Some of they are minute, cylindrical and long, they appear like the fibres of colour wool and they are white in colour, some others are thick, cylindrical and their colour are gray, blue , green or yellow.
Names: Kakeruka, Makeruk. Leliha, Sasulaka, Sausurada
Effects: Diarrhoea, emaciation, dryness. they inhibit the oral region and cause irritation and itching there. when excited they frequently come out from the anus.
Treatment: See below the common treatment.

Common treatment:
(1) Nidana parivarjan (Avoid causative factors):
Do not take leafy vegetables, milk and dairy products, cold drinks, bread/roti made of fine flour/atta. Avoid the food articles which are sweet, sour and salty in taste. Do not sleep immediately after having meal. Do not eat repeatedly with small time intervals.
For, more details, Refer the Do’s and Don’ts, in the page of Ayurvedic Life-style.

(2) Apakarshan (Picking up the worms which are visible)

(3) Prakruti vighata (Create the body atmospere which is un-suitable to worms through meals and medicines)
Worms do not like the food articles and medicines which are having pungent, bitter and astingent in taste. So, always try to take vegetables, fruits, beans and even the ayurvedic medicines having the same properties.
Elimination therapy/ Panchkarama Chikitsa:
The patient afflicted with parasites in his body should be given oleation & fomentaion therapies for six to seven nights(days).   Next day during morning and evening meals should be given food consisting of milk, sugar candy,curd,tila, fish, meat of animals inhabiting marshy land, pastry, milk preparation and oil of kusumbh with a view to arousing the parasites & impelling them to migrate to the elimentary tract , if the patient passes the night confortably and the food taken by him in the previous day is fully digested ,he should be given ASTHAPAN (CORRECTIVE) type of enema, emesis and purgation(vomiting) therapies- all on the same day, provided the patient  after proper examination is found fit for all these therapies